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Experience a roller-coaster of emotion. Fight depression and reach your daughter before it's too late.


Designed for the SA Game Jam 2020 by David Night.

Time: 48 hour

Category: Hobbyist

Competing for: Hobbyist / Best Narrative / Best Audio / Best Art / Overall Winner

Assets: Only assets not created were music and sound effects. - Credited in game.

Names and Email Addresses of Team Members

David Night  (Art / Code / Music-Sound Integration /  Story)



[ D ]
[ A ]
or [ Right Arrow ]
or [ Left Arrow ]
or [ Left Mouse Click ]

Install instructions

1- Download

2 - Unzip

3- Enjoy!


Oh My Heart.zip 49 MB


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I really enjoyed the narrative evolving with the mechanics. I like that you presented platformer game mechanics as metaphor for a (pretty scary) life experience.

I felt in two minds about the narrative. Just that it felt deeply personal, almost uncomfortably vulnerable... but also stripped of any identifiable elements, like it was left intentially vague. I realize this is probably an attempt to generalize the experience, and maybe embellishing it with details would have made it either too vulnerable or too contrived, but I felt I wanted a bit more to hold onto in the story. (for instance it's only at the very end where the stakes of the narrative are made clear, and some of the early texts on the left-hand side of the screen seem to contradict this ending, and while I think I understand what you were trying to achieve there, it still left me with the wrong assumptions about what was going on)

But despite that feeling, what you achieved with the narrative is very impressive!

Thanks for the feedback!

Your command of particle systems is amazing...The rain hitting surfaces, the mouse over "Door Knob things", the dust at your feet...it's all wonderful.  The game also gave me all the feels.  Loved the color pallet changes on the different levels and the sound design was very fitting (whispers are nasty!!).  I did not like the wall jumping mechanic used.  It felt clunky and unresponsive.  Sometimes I wanted to change direction, but would just double jump on the same wall and then slide down again, but it's really just a  nitpicky comment.  The game and premise was lovely and I really enjoyed this.  The comeback mechanic was great too.  Well done!!!

Love this SOO much, but I feel you need some trigger warning or disclaimer in the beginning though...Might or might not have shed a single tear in the end. Couple of pointers from me: The rain sound effect in the menu is too loud, it overpowers the mood from the background music and some of the in-game sound effects felt too bright for the mood of the game. I also liked that in the beginning the pit of hands was immediate game over but as you progress you can get out of it. Well done. Really good game.

Thanks Matt! Still trying to figure out Unity's global audio control. I found it's incredibly over bearing XD But thanks for the feedback and suggestions. :)

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what I usually do is set the volume on all your sound effect's audio sources to 0.4 o 0.6 while the background music/ambience stays on 1 :)

Thanks! :)


This is how you make a good game, all the feelings! thank you very cool :D


Thanks Gendgi!


I hadn't played it yet but it already felt like my winner before I did.

I have now and I'm thoroughly impressed. There's so much to commend. The amazing visuals. The awesome sound design. The lighting. The mood. It's all really great. The metaphorical struggle when you fall into the hands is probably my worst and best part of the gameplay. Worst because I ended up not finishing because I couldn't get past the a bit where the platforms keep disappearing but also the best because of the metaphorical struggle that it represents.

I love that you managed to talk about something like depression and self-doubt by incorporating it into the game. All round amazing game.

Well done!

Thanks for the awesome thoughts and feedback! :)


What an awesome game! Loved playing it. The game was pretty hard, but not too hard, a really good challenge, which I love in a platformer. Love the gameplay mechanics, especially the struggle mechanic, bringing yourself back from the brink of death is awesome. 

Cool background story too. It's very difficult to address emotional issues like depression/grief in a game and I think you did it very well.

Congrats Dave!


Thanks for the feedback! :)

This is such a nice game! and it is made in only 48 hours! this game made me feel alot of feeling with its simple graphics, and those little words that pop up from the hands are really powerful

Thanks for the feedback. :)


Game is great and I love it the mechanics really fit the story I went into a rant about depression and gamers  at the end because I'm stupid drunk but my play through here : 

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Thanks for the video Panda! Always dig watching your stuff. :) Check out the other games in this jam! There are some great options for more videos.

Seriously enjoyed this, well done!

Love how the gameplay and the transforming environment reflects the story beats. Like deeper, honest themes,. Very human and relatable. Know how difficult it can be to pour your heart out in a creative work.

Also, very nice sound design :)

You managed to pack a lot of potency into a small package, which means you judged your scope accurately.  I was very ambitious with my entry and my story suffered quite a bit for it. 

The game turned out to be quite challenging in terms of gameplay.  Liked the 'struggle ' mechanic. 

Some critical points:

Some puzzles are actually easier using the 'struggle' jump instead of actually facing the puzzle (the teleporting platform in my case). 

Also, the game has a real sudden rise in challenge (where hands really start chasing you).  Couldn't finish it, which was a bit disappointing as I really wanted to see the conclusion of the story. That being said, I've always been terrible at platformers lol! 

All in all,  very polished and captivating game. 

P.S. Sick intro :)

Thanks! And thanks for the feedback. Yeah I had to dial back the final run sequence after Chris tested it for me. It was actually harder before. XD


Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

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Thanks for the video! Haha it's "Oh My Heart". Think you miss-wrote it there. XD 

If you have some time. Please check out the other awesome games in this jam. :) Some really great options for more videos.


Thank you so much i will check them out :) , Yeah i read it on xD